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Regular carpet cleaning is necessary to keep dirt and grime from building up.  With our truck-mounted Hydra Master, your carpet is deep treated with hot water, extracting deep dirt and fighting tough stains. By removing the abrasive soils and bacteria laden residue, freshness is restored and the life of the carpet is extended. We also provide upholstery cleaning and rug cleaning too.

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Services We Offer


  • Shampoo
  • Deodorizing
  • Reconditioning & Spot Removal
  • ScotchguardTM Treatment
  • Hot Water Extraction
  • Deep Soil Extraction
  • Odor & Stain Removal


Most carpet manufacturers, such as DuPont and Shaw, prefer home and business owners to use the hot water extraction method to guarantee the warranty of the carpet (just check the fine print of your warranty). This process is much more effective and doesn’t just clean the surface carpet fibers like other methods. It deep cleans to remove ground in soil that rests beneath the surface fibers. We get to the bottom of it… leaving it FRESH to the look, touch, & smell!



Signs Your Carpet needs professional Cleaning

Stubborn or Set in Stains

Stained Carpet, How to clean a stain in your carpet

Coffee, Ink, Toner, or Mystery Stains!

Accidents definitely can and will happen, but they don't have to haunt you forever or be the focus of a client's eyes when they enter your space. 

You Can't Locate the Smell?

Carpet Smells bad, room freshener,

If your home or office has an unidentifiable smell that you can't pin down? Look under your feet! Your carpet needs regular cleaning just like your laundry and bedding at home. 

it's been a while


Carpets should be professionally cleaned about twice a year, especially if you want the most bang out of your buck! It's more cost effective and less hassle to get regular cleaning as opposed to frequently replacing. 

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8 Things you need to know about your carpet

  1.  Only 80% of the soil and dirt in your carpet is eliminated by vacuuming.   -THAT LEAVES 20% REQUIRING ANOTHER METHOD OF REMOVAL OTHERWISE BUILD UP OCCURS!
  2. Do those pesky stains keep coming back? This could be because the stains are locked into the pad underneath the carpet. Carpet padding is relatively inexpensive, but a hassle to replace. Using a Truck Mounted Hydra System that penetrated deep can help remove those set in stains so they don't return.
  3. Walking barefoot on your carpet is the worst thing you can do to it. When you walk your feet usually grind into the carpet. Think about how dirty your feet can get and how much dirt you are potentially grinding into your carpet.
  4. Get carpet protectant applied to your carpet after a professional carpet cleaning will help repel stains, keeping traffic areas looking cleaner, make the next carpet cleaning more effective, makes removing spills easier and saves you money on your next carpet cleaning.
  5. For every person who lives in your home equals the number of days per week that you should vacuum your carpets. So what does that say about your business?
  6. Contrary to popular opinion, your carpet is a great barrier for allergens, if kept up properly. Carpet holds and traps dust, dirt, pollen etc until it is removed. If you're not cleaning your carpet, your allergies and health are begging you to.  
  7. New carpet can cost anywhere between $2 – $9 a square yard. That can really add up. You can protect your carpet with protectant and regular cleanings. This will help your carpet last.
  8. DuPont and Shaw (major carpet manufacturers) require that you have your carpets cleaned using the hot water extraction method by a professional to guarantee the warranty.